First Announcement for Rome New Year Parade 2019

The countdown to the Rome New Year Parade 2019 is well underway and the parade team are finalising the last few participants.

We are delighted to announce that Roman reenactment group, Associazioni Riunite di Rievocazione Storica Romana are the first of many wonderful performance groups set to appear at the Rome Parade on January 1st.

Associazioni Riunite di Rievocazione Storica Romana is a collection of the following organisations taking part in Rome Parade 2019:

A.R.S. Avxilia Legionis Cohors Sagittaria

Il Legio Parthica Severiana

VII Legio

Civilta’ Romana

CVLTVS Deorvm Ostia Antica

A.C. Nereides Danze Antiche

Participants for the Rome New Year Parade & Festival will be announced throughout the next few months.

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