World’s Best Cheerleaders Announced for 2020

The world’s finest cheerleaders, Varsity Spirit All-American Cheerleaders, Dancers & Spirit performers will perform at the Rome Parade & Festival 2020.

Since 1974, Varsity Spirit has been the driving force in making cheerleading the dynamic, athletic, high profile activity it is today. By combining high energy entertainment with traditional school leadership, Varsity Spirit has driven the development of cheerleading as an international phenomenon that now not only includes millions of young Americans, but also a rapidly growing number of participants Worldwide.

While its heritage is rich and its traditions renowned, Varsity Spirit continues to be the innovative global leader in growing cheerleading’s influence and profile. The organisation’s commitment to the health and well-being of the young people who participate is embedded in its high quality educational curriculum and its leadership in establishing instructional safety standards.

Varsity Spirit All-Americans include high school cheerleaders, dancers and spirit performers who qualified at one of the following Varsity Spirit summer camps: Universal Cheerleaders Association, Universal Dance Association, National Cheerleaders Association, National Dance Alliance, Urban Cheerleading Experience and United Spirit Association.