Virtual Site Inspection – Marching Band – Logistics & Equipment

Telenet Global Logistics and Trans-Boarder Global Freight Systems will collect all Band Equipment and large instrumentation from your High School / University and transport equipment and instrumentation directly to your specific Hotel in your specific European Destination. The same will happen on the return journey.

What can be included in my consignment? 

  • All and any Instruments Larger than and Including a Trumpet, in a standard Trumpet Case/ AND All Equipment can be transported including Hats/Shakos and Uniforms
  • Items that are not included in your Consignment we recommend be packed into the student’s individual suitcase. Each student has a free checked piece of luggage that may weight up to 50lbs
  • Instruments smaller than a Trumpet in a standard Trumpet case (In size) should be either packed into the student’s piece of checked Luggage or carried on board within the carry-on allowance. (FOR EXAMPLE, TO CARRY ON A SMALL INSTRUMENT COUNTS AS A PIECE OF CARRY ON LUGGAGE. THEREFORE, ONLY A FURTHER PURSE OR LAPTOP CASE WOULD BE ALLOWED AS WELL)

Please Note: We will happily provide you with a quotation for Items that are not normally included within your Consignment

Very Large Equipment and Instrumentation 

Sousaphones and Concert Tubas are included in your Consignment – as we are unable to rent these in the required numbers in Europe. HOWEVER we do, at NO ADDITIONAL CHARE TO YOU, provide certain Concert Instrumentation in your European venue. For example, we provide Timpanis, String Basses etc / Our Production Team will send you a full list of instrumentation provided for you at your European Venue.

Please Note: We do expect concert groups to include Cellos and other delicate items in their consignment. However, if you would rather not ship delicate items in your consignment, we are able to rent these for you in you European Destination. We do make a charge for items that are able to be included in your consignment – but you chose not to include.

Next Steps

You must complete a detailed and precise Instrument & Equipment Manifest

  • First Draft Manifest Deadline – Monday 7th October | It is essential that we receive your first draft manifest on the above deadline. It is from your first draft manifest that Trans-Border will be sending out to you, ‘Destination Events (DE) travel cases’ to pack your smaller instruments into (E.g. Trumpets and Saxophones). You will receive these cases prior to your final manifest completion and submission

  • Final Manifest Deadline – Monday 11th November. Your final manifest needs to be completed and amended from your first draft manifest (with your smaller instruments listed as packed within the (DE) travel cases that you will be receiving). It is advised that you practice packing your cases prior to submitting your Final Manifest to ensure all listed information on your manifest is correct.

  • Your Final Manifest (Cannot be changed or amended from submission). This is because it is from this information that Trans-Border will be securing your Carnet on behalf of your travelling group.

  • Please remember on your Final Manifest to keep your Item values nominal (Total value of your consignment needs to remain under $125,000). This DOES NOT affect the Insurance value of any Item/s travelling.

You must also please ensure that you have hard and suitable travel cases for all equipment and instrumentation being shipped in your consignment – this applies to items that are too large to be packed within the (DE) travel cases provided (i.e. Instruments larger than a trumpet or saxophone) 

  • Please try to keep a love item count for your consignment. This is done by boxing together multiple pieces of equipment. The fewer number of pieces you have the less risk of damage or loss. This applies to items such as Shakos and Uniforms.

For Example: If you are packing 100 hats/shakos, do NOT use 100 boxes, instead use 10 boxes each with 10 hats/shakos in each box.

Do Not Forget – You will already be boxing together your smaller instrumental items (Trumpet/Saxophones) within the larger (DE) travel cases to minimise any damage or risk.


Your instruments and equipment ARE covered by insurance while in transit both outbound and return.

Insurance will cover denting, scratches, disfigurement and serious blemishes. Please be aware that insurance will NOT cover damage to hard travel cases.

In Case of Damage

  • Advise your Tour Assistant immediately. We will find you a replacement if not playable at your European Destination
  • Take Pictures of any damage that has occurred in Transit
  • Once you return home, please submit your insurance form with supporting pictures
  • A claim does not guarantee an insurance pay out. However, to date, all ‘valid claims’ have been paid out
  • All claims MUST BE made in the name of the person into whose care the instrument was entrusted. For example: the player of the instrument. (even if the instrument is School/University/Group Owned

Collection Timings for Equipment & Instrumentation

  • Telenet Global Logistics / Trans-Boarder Global Freight Systems will collect your Consignment between the 13th & 16th December.
  • Telenet Global Logistics / Trans-Boarder Global Freight Systems will have your Consignment returned to your School / University by the 15th January.