More than 20,000 people invaded the historic centre of Rome to celebrate New Year’s Eve together with the marching bands of the Rome Parade, the capital’s historic New Year’s Day parade that saw young musicians from the most prestigious high schools in the United States parade again this year, together with folk groups, street artists, and majorettes from different parts of Italy! Three hours of pure fun for all, starting from Villa Borghese and crossing the entire Roman Trident. Enthusiasm, acclaim, singing and dancing a go-go with a grand finale at sunset in Piazza del Popolo. An event organised by Destination Events, which has confirmed its leadership in this format: the company chaired by Bob Bone is in fact the creator, at the same time and on the same day, of the famous London Parade, which hosts the best selection of band talent.

“We are very excited to see our Rome parade grow every year,” says organiser Lizzie Bone, “with an exponential increase in both participants and audience! The intention is for the participants to spend three hours with the utmost joy and positivity to start the New Year in joy, sharing many moments of great emotion; we are also very proud to be able to showcase the talent of hundreds of young musicians from school musical realities in the United States, already trained in their artistic education and therefore ready to live and transmit their experience at an international level. All this is made possible on a practical level by the Municipality of Rome, which has welcomed our proposal for many years by hosting us in the heart of the most beautiful city in the world: a heartfelt thank you, therefore, to all the institutions and staff of volunteers, technicians, security and civil protection operators who have accompanied us on this unforgettable adventure!”

Cutting the ribbon of the Parade was the President of the Capitoline Assembly Svetlana Celli together with the artistic director of Christmas World Piero Zinna. At three different points along the route – Pincio, Piazza di Spagna and Piazza del Popolo – were the three presenters Stefano Molinari, Stefano Raucci and Francesca Ceci.

The initiative was part of Roma Capodarte 2024.

The best moments of the Rome Parade 2024, filmed in full by Destination Events’ cameras, are now available online on the event’s official You Tube channel at the following link: