Rome Parade 2024… is Official!

It is still summer, but the preparations for one of Europe’s most impressive New Year’s Day celebrations have already begun! The Rome Parade will return to the centre of Rome on January 1st, 2024. The forthcoming event will be the biggest ever in the events history, with thousands of performers taking to the streets of the city.

The parade in Rome and the concerts that accompany it during the festivities – both located in the capital’s historic centre – have now become a much-awaited fixture on the calendar of the most important events in Italy and attract hundreds of thousands of people, registering an annual attendance of over 200,000 visitors.

The New Year’s Day celebration in Rome is recognised worldwide as a magnificent showcase for the city, the region, and the country as a whole.

With its mesmerising mix of American musicians and dancers and Italian folk, majorette and contemporary groups, this unique event is the culmination of a week of musical performance that will see symphonic, concert, chamber, choral and orchestral ensembles and jazz bands, from the best high schools in North America performing in the most prestigious church settings in Rome and during the Frascati Festival. This is an extraordinary opportunity for educators and their talented students to enjoy an educational, artistic and tourist experience in Italy at the same time.

A large number of Roman citizens and tourists who have come to the capital to enjoy the end-of-year holidays will have the opportunity to share with enthusiasm the route of the Rome Parade, one of the most iconic routes of the Roman Trident – Piazza del Popolo, Via del Corso, Via Condotti and Piazza Spagna – which it is hoped will be extended allowing more people to take part and more to come out and watch.

This ambitious musical extravaganza is offered free of charge by the British company Destination Events, one of the world’s leading organisers of major events, including, the celebrated London New Year’s Day Parade.

“We are delighted and very excited to be holding our biggest Rome Parade yet on 1st January 2024,” says Lizzie Bone, Director of the Rome Parade, “to once again fill the beloved streets of the Eternal City with music, colour, dance and fun and, with a longer route, we can embrace more performers and spectators on the iconic streets.”

The complete Parade line-up and associated concerts series will soon be published on the official website:

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